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Standard T90 dish + 16 LNBs [15 Twin + 1 Quadro] + 2x Centauri 16/1 switches!!!

This solution [with two "palettes"/wooden base used for transporting packed goods - is quite elegant. Just
-nail it [strongly connect one with the other, maybe with screws, even] together, then
-secure it additionally with some weight, if there is strong wind, where you live, other than
-connect it, using a metal tape, running all around other constructions on the roof and palettes.

I reckon one should also paint it with a water-proof sealant, against rotting, to protect it against the elements [rain and snow]. So, start doing that at least a day before you want to install your dish!

Now, the details of what you will see on these images:

-2 x wooden base to place it securely on, plus

-some metal tape to secure it around some fixed objects on the roof, using screws going right through it, into the wood/brick/etc.

-1 x Toroidal 90cm dish

-13 x Smart Oxid Twin and
-2 Smart Titanium Twin LNBs [2 cables going out of each LNB to 1 Twin tuner receiver or 2 single tuner recs] +
-1 Quadro LNB [4 cables running from it, as I need an additional cable for my subscription, official receiver]

-2 x Centauri 16in1 Switches [only 2 cables running from them to my flat - 1 for each Sat TV tuner]


-instant switching from one satellite to another, no waiting
-no noise to move from one to the other
-wife happy, as she doesn't need to either remember what's where or wait...
-neighbours happy as I am not waking them up as I surf the skies in the dead of the night, not to mention the wife...
-possibilities of recording not only from 2 different transponders but from completely different satellites

One could put 16 Quad or even Octo LNBs, of course... either for more receivers or even sharing with neighbours...

I have the following 19 satellite positions, here is Scandiland, with 16 LNBs:

16. 30° West
15. 24.5° West
14. 18° West
13. 15° West
12. 12.5° West
11. 8°[I can not get +7° in Scandiland with my equipment but elsewhere it might be possible!] West
10. 5°+4° West
9. 1° West°
8. 4°+5° East
7. 7° East
6. 9°+10° East
5. 13° East
4. 16° East
3. 19.2° East
2. 23.5° East
1. 28.2°+28.5° East

One has to add the transponders from one satellite position to another, manually but... it's well worth the effort, let me tell you... Cool to see it working!

I have almost all transponders on most of the big, important satellite positions, except some weaker ones on 28.2°+28.5° East, 4° and 8° West.

Some other TPs are missing on smaller satellite positions but I have loads and loads of channels, left, right and centre, so no probs...

Here is how you calculate your position, your central position, then your elevation etc.

One must be patient, to sort out all the angles right in all 3 dimensions...

Here is the online calculator, wherever you might be:


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